Stop paying killer prices for your dental care and travel abroad


Medical tourism or traveling abroad for medical procedures is not a novelty anymore. Millions of people choose to go to another country to have dental implants, cosmetic surgery or orthopedic procedures among others.

Now you can easily check online if the doctor is licensed or if the clinic is accredited, you can talk to previous patients, you can compare prices and even have an online consultation. Most of the specialists are trained at renowned universities in the world and the language barrier is no longer an issue as the majority of them speak fluent English.

Although things have significantly improved in the medical tourism industry compared to ten years ago, many people still fear to take the leap and cross the border to benefit from affordable prices, high quality care and a holiday in a foreign country.

Myths related to dental care abroad

Even if the number of people travelling abroad for dental care is increasing, there are still some myths surrounding this trend.

The first one is related to savings. Yes, you can save a lot if you do extensive dental work such as several implants, porcelain crowns or dentures. But if you cross the border to have some dental fillings, teeth cleaning or an extraction, you’d better do this in your country, as you will pay more for the trip to get there than the dental care itself. Just remember, the more dental work you need the more money you will save.

The second one is about poorly trained and unsafe dentists. Bad dentists are everywhere, whether it is the US, Canada, Mexico or India. But did you know that many foreign dentists in Thailand, Mexico, Costa Rica, Hungary or Philippines have been trained in elite UK, US or Australian dental colleges? They are also members of the British Dental Association, American Dental Association or Australia Dental Association. You can check their credentials online and also how their clinics look, before making your choice.

The third myth is related to dental insurance. Although many of the patients who travel abroad do this because they do not have dental insurance, those who have can benefit from a reimbursement from their company for the dental work done abroad. Insurance companies also encourage people to travel abroad and pay less for their dental care, that is why you would be surprised to find out that your company might give you some money back for your dental travel.

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PlacidWay Medical Tourism

PlacidWay Medical Tourism


Would You Really Travel South of The Border for Dental Care?

Jarod mentioned to a coworker that he was planning on traveling to Los Algodones, Mexico for his dental care. He couldn’t afford a local dentist in his native San Diego. His coworker looked at him as if he’d grown two heads. That’s crazy, his co-worker told him. Don’t you know what they do down there?

Dental Treatment in Los Algodones, Mexico
That’s the response that many people get when they talk about cross-border dental care in Mexico, but Jarod had researched the Sani Dental Group, located near Yuma, Arizona. Sani Dental Group has an excellent reputation in the region, and provides a wide range of free shuttle services back and forth across the border, as well as local lodging options. It was so easy for those living in California or Arizona, New Mexico and Texas to drive to the border (from minutes to a couple of hours away for those living in San Diego and Tucson, and El Paso) and simply walk over the border or take a shuttle across.

Sani Povides Excellence in Dental Care

Specializing in dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic services, the Sani Dental Group is one of the most popular among cross-border travelers. The dental facility is open Monday through Saturday from eight o’clock in the morning till six o’clock in the evening, open every day of the year except Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

One of the main reasons that drove Jarod to opt for an across-the-border dental clinic was money. He simply couldn’t afford the costs quoted by local dentists. He had no dental insurance, same as 85 million other Americans, or so he had read in the Washington Post. Still, he wanted quality services. He had seen an article posted on that related the story of a man whose dental services in the US would have cost him $20,000 but in Mexico cost less than $4,000.

Dental Implants Procedure in Los Algodones, Mexico

Jarod did his homework when it came to Sani Dental Group. He wanted quality, and he found out that the dentists at the dental clinic utilized high-tech equipment that followed strict government codes and the latest in panoramic x-rays, sterilization and imaging procedures. Their on-site laboratory enabled them to create their own porcelain/metal crowns, acrylic plates, and more.

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PlacidWay Continues to Define Trends in Mexico’s Medical Tourism Market

Pramod Goel, CEO and founder of PlacidWay, an international medical resource and provider based in Denver, Colorado, is an expert in the medical tourism industry. His company has become one of the most popular, and leading, medical tourism providers in the country. Despite border fears, consumers from North America as well as Canadian provinces continue to flock south of the border for a variety of medical and dental care options.

“Some of the most popular fields in medical and dental care, including cosmetic surgery, dental care, obesity programs, stem cell research, and fertility treatments, continue to provoke a high demand for affordable and accessible care in Mexico,” states Goel.

Mexico as a Destination

Dental Care Providers in MexicoMexico continues to be one of the top destinations for dental care, with travelers visiting easily accessible cities just south of border crossings to meet their needs. No doubt about it, dental tourism is on the rise. According to the Toronto Sun, a growing number of inhabitants of Alberta, Canada head south every year, seeking affordable dental care. Prime south of the border destinations such as Cancun continue to attract not only vacationers, but vacationers with dental needs. States one Albertan, “I needed four implants and I was looking at $16,000-$20,000 for them, which just really turned me off.”

After engaging in in-depth research, he became what is known as a growing number of “Alberta dental tourists”, who enjoy beach vacations on the Mayan Riviera. It turns out that the Canadian received all four implants, perfectly executed, for under $6,000. Even after figuring in travel costs, he literally cut in half the costs of the dental implants in his native Alberta alone.

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Growing Demand for Affordable Dental Care Propels Cross-Border Tourism

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as knowing that you need new dentures, a root canal, or one or more teeth extracted, but not knowing how you’re going to pay for it. A vast majority of inhabitants of countries like the United States, Great Britain, Canada, as well as throughout western Europe and Australia must face continually mounting costs for dental treatment.

Many of us focus on health insurance, but most medical insurance policies don’t carry dental insurance, which often requires a separate policy. Even so, deductibles, co-pays, and cost of treatments have steadily increased out-of-pocket payments for such individuals.

Thank goodness for a number of countries across borders now providing accessible and affordable treatment for dental patients. One couple living in Phoenix, Arizona, makes a habit of traveling south of the border into Mexico for ongoing and routine dental care.

The husband, needing two root canals, and his wife, requiring a partial denture plate, were more than satisfied with the services – and costs – of their dental care. In addition to enjoying the drive down into beautiful Mexico, the couple were able to receive high-quality and experienced care at a tenth of the cost that they would’ve paid for the same procedures in the United States.

Cross Border Dental Tourism
Cross Border Dental Care an Option

Stories like these are common, especially for Americans living near southern border states. Mexico isn’t the only country offering high-quality services at affordable costs when it comes to dental services however. Costa Rica has become one of the most popular destinations not only for vacations, but for dental care in the western hemisphere.

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