Best Bone Regeneration Surgery Package in Medellin

Bone Regeneration is vital when the bone is lost around the teeth, a periodontal sickness may precipitate this; bone recovery is additionally utilized when an increment as a part of the position of a dental insert is required.

Bone Regeneration depends on tissue recovery; in this methodology a layer is utilized to secure the bone joining, and it’s set independently from the gum to maintain a strategic distance from unfriendly weights.

The strategy is utilized to deliver viability, and guarantee fast and quality development of the maxillary bone; it’s a supplement of different surgeries.

  • Bone Regeneration is divided into:
  • Bone Grafts,
  • Bone Regeneration.

The Bone Grafts can be obtained from the patient; this is the best for small defects. It can also be applied in block form, from the chin or iliac crest or tibia. It can also be processed from other humans. May also be synthetic simulating the bone mineral, and are mainly hydroxyapatite and silica. Xenogeneic, coming from the extraction of minerals processed from bovine or equine bone.

How much does the surgery costs?


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