India Offers Best Dental Treatment to Global Medical Tourists

You need extensive dental work but you do not have dental insurance and you cannot afford the prices in your home country?

The best dental clinics in India have attractive dental treatment programs for global patients. Besides a well-deserved holiday in a beautiful country, patients all over the world have access to professional dental care, experienced dentists trained abroad, affordable prices, English-speaking medical staff, accredited dental clinics and modern equipment.

Now you have no reason to postpone your visit to the dentist. The best dentists in India wait for you at renowned dental clinics such as All Smiles, Laser Dental Clinic, Manipal Hospital or Dental Solutions Center. You will only pay $1,300 for a dental implant with crown, $180 for teeth whitening, $800 for dental bridges, $200 for dental veneers and the list goes on. Just compare the prices with the ones in your home country and you will see the difference.

Choosing the best dental clinics in India, you will not only benefit from flawless dental treatments, but you will also enjoy the best treatment a patient could have, have access to experienced dentists and save up to 70%.


India is not only a country with beautiful traditions, history and rituals, but also an important player in the dental medical tourism, and a tough competitor for countries such as the US, the UK or Canada when it comes to high-quality dental care.


Mexico Dental Tourism Continues to Increase

Did you know that ignoring teeth problems can lead to serious gum infections and tooth loss, stomach diseases from not chewing the food properly and even heart and joint disease if the infection reaches the blood? Do not put your life in danger!

You have been avoiding to see a dentists due to excruciating dental care costs in your home country? Thanks to dental tourism this will not be a problem anymore. The best dentists in Mexico are waiting for you with some exceptional offers which include low prices, high quality dental treatments and, of course, highly trained and experienced dentists.

Los Algodones, also known as the Dental Mecca, offers more than 300 certified dental offices, which perform any kind of dental work, with high quality equipment and products. Some of the best dentists and dental offices in Mexico are: Sani Dental Group, Dentaris and PV Smile.

You do not believe that you will save up to 70% on dental work if you go to Mexico? Here are some prices so that you can compare with those in your home country: dental implant – $950, dental crown – $400, dental bridge – $300, dental filling – $30, dental veneer – $550, dentures – $950, teeth whitening – $350, tooth extraction – $100.

Mexico Tourism

Mexico not only knows how to attract customers, but also knows how to make them come back and have more dental work done. The secret? High quality medical care, experienced and highly trained dentists, affordable prices, modern equipment, accreditation and winning the customer’s trust.